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Kiev: 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the war with Russia

On Thursday, a senior Ukrainian official announced that 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in the war with Russia.

These numbers are not new to the Russo-Ukrainian war, as the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that 200 Ukrainian soldiers, as well as another 100 foreign mercenaries, were killed in the Russo-Ukrainian war over the course of Saturday a la Donetsk region.

The Ukrainian military stated, in a statement released on Saturday, that the death toll of Russian soldiers has risen to 86,710 since the start of the military operation on Feb. 24.

And the Ukrainian military added in its statement: “During this period, Russia also lost 2,901 tanks, 5,848 armored vehicles, 1,896 artillery systems, 395 multiple rocket launch systems, 278 aircraft, 261 helicopters, 16 warships as well as 163 units of special weapons equipment and 4,406 personnel.” Vehicles, fuel tanks and 1,547 drones.

Russia has stepped up its missile attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure since last October, causing a major electricity crisis in Ukraine.

Yesterday, Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that more than 6 million homes are without electricity in Ukraine.

This comes after the electricity crisis that the country is suffering from due to the continuous Russian bombing of energy infrastructure and plants.

Satellite images released by the US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) showed Ukraine had become a dark spot on the globe overnight as the country, which has been under military attack for months, suffers from a suffocating electricity crisis.

Most of Ukraine was left without heat or electricity on Thursday after Russia’s most devastating air strikes on the power grid and authorities warned Kiev residents to prepare for more attacks and stock up on water, food and warm clothing.

Russian bombing

Since the beginning of October, Russia has launched continuous missile attacks on Ukrainian territory, hitting energy infrastructure and facilities.

Moscow admits to attacking basic infrastructure, saying it aims to limit Ukraine’s ability to fight and push it to negotiate, while Kiev says such attacks are a “war crime”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday, “We have endured all-out war for 9 months and Russia has not found a way to break us and will not find a way. We are an indestructible people.”

“While electricity, heating, communications and water are gradually restored, there are still problems with the water supply in 15 districts,” he added.

Zelensky also accused Russia of shelling the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, from which it withdrew earlier this month. Local authorities said Thursday 7 were killed and 21 wounded in a Russian attack.

For its part, the company “Okranergo”, which oversees the national electricity grid in Ukraine said that as of Thursday evening, 50 percent of the demand has not been satisfied.

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