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Kiev gets “good results” in Kherson … and Minsk excludes entry in war

The Ukrainian president praised the “good results” of his country’s army in tackling Russian forces in the Kherson region (south) on Friday evening, when Kiev announced that it had regained control of dozens of cities and seized Russian weapons. .

“Thanks also to the soldiers of the 60th Infantry Brigade, whose units are performing well in the Kherson region,” said Zelensky. in a video clip, announcing the seizure of over 30 armored vehicles, a thousand tank shells and three pieces of artillery.

In another context, Zelensky accused Russia of “deliberately” delaying the transit of ships loaded with Ukrainian grain, which is a vital supply for many African and Asian countries.

“More than 150 ships are still there in waiting to fulfill the obligations contained in the contracts to ship our agricultural products. It is an artificial wait, the only reason being that Russia is deliberately delaying the transit of ships, “Zelensky said.

He explained that China, Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon and the countries of the western Maghreb are among the countries affected by this delay, which affects “about three million tons of food”.

An international monitoring mission to the Kakhovka dam

In a separate context, Ukraine called on Friday to send an international monitoring mission to the Kakhovka Dam in the Russian-controlled Kherson region after Kiev accused Moscow of trapping the dam.

“We ask the United Nations, the European Union and other organizations to organize an international monitoring mission to Kakhovka. International experts must arrive at the site immediately, as well as Ukrainian staff,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said at a meeting. of toilet.

He stressed that the possibility of the dam explosion of a hydroelectric power plant “could cause thousands of victims and flood dozens of villages”.

For its part, the Russian authorities in Kherson have denied any explosive dam, denouncing the “lies” commercialized by Kiev.

Belarus: we don’t need war

On the other hand, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, an ally of Moscow, stressed on Friday that his country “does not need a war”, after forming a joint military force with Russia that raised fears of direct intervention in the Ukrainian conflict.

“Today we don’t intend to go anywhere. There is no war in this phase. We don’t need war, “Lukashenko said during a visit to a military training center.

During his visit, Lukashenko inspected drones made in home, according to television footage. But he made it clear that at the moment he did not intend to use them against Ukraine.

“It is undesirable to fight these models in Ukraine, “he said, but made it clear that Belarus would sell these rallies” to those who would buy them. “

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