Kiev: More than 70 ships are trapped in our ports because of Russia

With Russia focusing its hold on the Black Sea and controlling a number of ports in Ukraine, in particularly Mariupol in the south-east of the country, Kiev has appealed to Western countries to help it break the siege.

The Ukrainian government confirmed today Monday that 70 ships are trapped in the country’s ports by Russian forces.

world food crisis

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in turn, asked the international community today, Monday, to take immediate measures to end this blockade of his country’s ports in order to allow the export of grain and avoid a global food crisis. according to Reuters.

He also stressed, after a phone call with the President of the European Council Charles Michel, who visited the southern city of Odessa, which includes Ukraine’s largest seaport and one of the largest in the Black Sea basin, the need to act immediately to open Ukrainian ports.

Interestingly, international and international concerns have intensified in recent times over the impact of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict on food globally, in especially wheat, of which Ukraine is one of the most important exporters. The Russian advance into the country, in particularly in Mariupol, and the blockade of Odessa from the Black Sea, reinforced those fears.

Since the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24, international financial markets witnessed a rise in commodity prices prime.

Last week, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the problem of global food security cannot be solved without returning Ukrainian agricultural production to world markets.

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