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Kiev talks about the military progress of its forces … and asks Russia to push for real negotiations

The Russian military operation in Ukraine continues today, Tuesday, as Russian army units are trying to extend full control over Ukrainian regions and strike at the positions of the forces, as Kiev continues to advance to regain its territory, as well as mobilize Western support against the bear Russian.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for Russia to be pushed in real negotiations and stressed that the Russian army was taking heavy casualties on the Donetsk front and that its forces were advancing in some areas in the east and south and were pushing what he called the “invaders” to retreat.

Zelensky added: “In general, our forces on the front are in a state of active defense … e in some areas of the east and south, we are gradually pushing the enemy back step by step … and we are moving forward. “

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that 50,000 fighters in combat units, as well as tens of thousands of conscripts, have not yet taken part in the hostilities in Ukraine.

“We now have around 50,000 staff members in combat units, while the rest of the conscripts have not yet taken part in the hostilities … The number of conscripts in the special military operation has reached almost 80,000 men, and the rest are in training areas … We have to pay attention to them wherever they are, “Putin said.

The Russian Defense Ministry took a rare step on Monday, denying reports that a marine unit had suffered heavy loss of life and equipment. in a futile attack in eastern Ukraine.

The ministry’s response came to what Russian military bloggers claimed was an open letter from the 155th Pacific Fleet Brigade, that the brigade complained of being involved. in a “mystery” attack on Ukrainian forces southwest of Donetsk.

The report was published by Gray Zone, a popular military blog.

The official Russian news agency quoted the defense ministry statement in which dismissed bloggers’ claims that the Marine Corps unit had suffered “heavy and unnecessary losses in human lives and equipment “.

The agency also cited the ministry that, on the contrary, in the past ten days, the unit has advanced five kilometers into the Ukrainian defensive positions.

The ministry denied in private that the commanders of the brigade showed incompetence.

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