Kiev – we are in urgent negotiations with our allies for the supply of missiles and aircraft

Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, said on Saturday that Ukraine and its Western allies had started “urgent” talks on the possibility of supplying Kiev with long-range missiles and military aircraft.

He stressed that Western countries supporting Ukraine “are aware of the scale of the development of the war” and the need to supply Kiev with aircraft in capable of providing cover for the armored fighting vehicles that the United States and Germany have pledged to send.

But Podolyak asserted in a comment to the channel online “Freedom” that some of Ukraine’s western partners take a “conservative” stance towards arms shipments.

Russia and North Korea have accused the West of prolonging the war and being directly involved in it by stepping up shipments of advanced weapons to Kiev.

For his part, Podolyak said: “We have to face this. We have to show our partners the true picture of this war”, without naming specific countries, adding: “We have to conduct a rational dialogue and tell them, for example, that this will reduce the death toll and reduce the burden on infrastructure. It will also reduce security threats to the European continent, which will keep the war going local. And we are doing that.”

This comes as the United States and Germany agreed on Wednesday to donate advanced tanks to Ukraine along with the promised American Bradley and German Marder vehicles in earlier in Kiev, a decision that has drawn criticism not only from the Kremlin, but also from the Prime Minister of Hungary, a member of the European Union.

On Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban confirmed that Western countries that supply arms and money to help Ukraine in its war with Russia have “stepped away” to becoming an active participant in the conflict. Orban has refused to send weapons in Ukraine and tried to block the allocation of EU funds for military aid to Kiev.

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