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Kiev: We expect to fight “the fiercest battles” with the Russians in Kherson

Today, Wednesday, the Russian military operation in Ukraine is witnessing a new day as Russian army units are trying to extend their control over the Ukrainian regions and strike at the positions of the Kiev forces, while questThe latter continues to try to advance and regain its territory with the material and military support of the West.

A senior Ukrainian official expected his country and Russia to fight “fierce battles” in the strategic southern Kherson region, part of which Moscow controls, and said the Russian army is preparing to face the advance of forces. Ukrainian.

Kherson, the capital of the region that bears his name and which had a pre-war population of around 280,000, is the largest urban center Russia has preserved since its capture at the start of the Russian military operation. in Ukraine eight months ago.

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Ukrainian forces have apparently not regained much territory in their counter-offensive in Kherson since early October, when Russia annexed the province and three other regions, a move denounced by 143 nations at the United Nations as an “illegal annexation attempt”.

“Everything is clear about Kherson. The Russians are strengthening their ranks there … This means that no one is preparing to retreat. On the contrary, Kherson will witness the fiercest battles”, Oleksiy Aristovich, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he said in a video clip online Tuesday evening. ‘, without specifying a date for the battle.

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Of the four regions annexed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kherson is arguably the most strategically important. Check it’s the only one via of land to Crimea, which Russia seized in 2014, both the vast estuary of the Dnipro River that divides in two Ukraine.

For weeks, officials from the Russian-backed Kherson administration have been broadcasting warnings that Ukrainian forces were about to attack the city and have evacuated thousands of civilians. in boat on the east bank of the Dnipro River.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine that Russian missiles and Iranian-made drones have destroyed more than a third of his country’s energy sector.

Zelensky called on the international community to make financial efforts to cover his country’s projected budget deficit of $ 38 billion next year due to the war.

And on Tuesday, fierce Russian bombing targeted the city of Bakhmut in the Donbass region, where there was smoke from fierce battles between the Moscow forces and the Ukrainian army, which is trying to repel them.

After being driven out of Kiev at the start of the military operation and from the Kharkiv region in the north-east, Russian forces aimed to conquer the territory of Donbass, the industrial region to the east.

Donetsk, the eastern region that includes Bakhmut, is one of the four Ukrainian regions declared annexed by the Russian president and the application of martial law.

However, the Ukrainian forces were extensively in able to repel Moscow’s advance towards Bakhmut, while in the Kherson region it is approaching its main cities.

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