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Kiev: We will make every effort to hold Moscow accountable for its crimes

After several Russian accusations against his country of setting up biological factories for the manufacture of weapons, Kiev has confirmed that all these pretexts are false.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko stressed on Saturday that all attempts by Russia to create “false pretexts” for its war on his country are doomed to fail.

“We will make every effort to hold Russia and its officials responsible for their crimes against Ukraine,” he added in a tweet via his Twitter account.

In addition, he stressed that the United Nations has denied all the news promoted by Moscow about biological laboratories in the country.


Interestingly, the Russian Foreign Ministry, in the past two weeks, has claimed to have prove which demonstrate the existence of biological laboratories in Ukraine with funding from the US Department of Defense (Pentagon).

This came after the Russian Defense Ministry announced it had obtained prove documented the cooperation between Kiev and Washington in the development of biological weapons, with US funding in excess of $ 200 million, according to the official Russian news agency (TASS) at the time.

However, Western countries in the Security Council, which met at the Russian request to discuss this file last week, strongly criticized these allegations, while China in He later requested an investigation into the matter and took it seriously, but no decision was made in about these allegations.

Interestingly, the Russian military operation launched on February 24 sparked a war of mutual accusations between the two sides, both in terms of Kiev accusing Russians of using prohibited weapons and targeting civilians, both of Moscow accusing Russian forces of taking civilians as human shields.

While western countries, in particularly those affiliated with NATO and the European Union, have called for calm and a solution to the conflict through negotiations, at the same time imposing thousands of sanctions on Moscow and supporting the Ukrainian authorities with arms and aid.

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