Killed Border Patrol Officer mother: Bennett a ‘killer’ and a ‘clown’

The mother of Murdered Border Patrol Officer Barel Haderia Shmeuli Called Prime Minister Naftali Bennett a “Killer” with blood on his hands” in a Facebook post, in answer to Bennett’s interview given on Tuesday night.

In several interviews given to Israeli mediaBennett insisted that Shmueli “was not killed but fell while” on duty.”

Bennett’s comments were: in response to Barel’s mother Nitza Shmueli claims her son “was not killed during operational activities, but was murdered,” said IDF chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi visited the Shmuelic family home in Bear Yaakov before in September.

“Shame on you,” Barel’s mother Nitza Shmueli wrote: on facebook. “I promise you, Bennett, we’ll meet,” she said added.

Shmueli later deleted the Facebook post where she called Bennett a “killer” but went on write another post, this time calling him a “clown” and claiming he was given the title of prime minister by Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

“Bennett, you clown, are you too?” know what a battle is?,” Barel’s mother wrote. “The head of Hamas bribed you with a few votes, you are alone prime minister because of Hamas,” Shmueli falsely claimed.

Killed Border Patrol Officer mother: Bennett a ‘killer’ and a ‘clown’ 21-year-old St.-Sgt. Bar-el Shmueli from Beer Yaakov, shot by a Palestinian militant during border riots in Gaza (credit: BORDER POLICE)

“Barel fell during battle as a border police officer while protecting the border, it’s as simple as that,” said de prime minister in Tuesday night interviews.

Bennett’s comments came after he apologized publicly to the Shmueli family for confuse the names of Barel and his father, Yossi, while he met to be . talk father on the phone as he son was treated in Hopital.

Bennett also praised the fallen border police officer and said that the Israeli public was exposed to a ‘Zionist warrior’.

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