Kim’s sister warns US of ‘deadliest security crisis’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister warned the United States on Tuesday that it faced an “even deadlier security crisis” as Washington pressed the United Nations to condemn the latest test North Korea ICBM.

The powerful sister’s warning came hours after US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced in an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council that your country would circulate a proposed presidential statement condemning the test North Korea’s banned missiles and other destabilizing activities.

After the meeting, the US ambassador also read a statement from 14 countries in support of action to limit North Korea’s progress on its weapons programs.

Kim Yo Jong, who is the second most influential person in North Korea after his brother, slammed the United States for issuing what he described as the “disgusting joint statement with mafias like Britain, France, Australia, Japan and Korea of the South”.

Kim likened the United States to a “fearful barking dog.” He said North Korea would consider the US-led statement “a flagrant violation of our sovereignty and a serious political provocation.”

“The United States should know that no matter how hard they try to disarm (North Korea), they can never deprive (North Korea) of its right to defend itself, and the more their hostile moves (North Korea) increase, the more you face a crisis of safety, the more deadly it becomes.”

An emergency session was held at the United Nations Security Council on Friday over North Korea’s launch of its ICBM, as part of what experts say is an attempt to modernize its nuclear arsenal and increase his influence and ability to put pressure on diplomacy in future.

During the United Nations Security Council meeting, the United States and its allies strongly criticized the missile launch and called for action to limit North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

However, Russia and China, which enjoy the right to veto (veto) in within the UN Security Council, they have opposed any pressure and new sanctions on North Korea. In May, the two countries resisted a US-led attempt to tighten sanctions against North Korea over its test on ballistic missiles banned by UN Security Council resolutions.

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