King Abdullah II calls for dialogue in the interests of Jordan

Today, Tuesday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II confirmed that Jordan’s success consists in having everyone sit at the dialogue table to work in the nation’s interest, regardless of trends.

During his meeting with politicians in Al-Husseiniya Palace on Tuesday, the Jordanian king pointed out that all proposals and different points of view in the reform process should be based on mutual respect, openness and seriousness die Doors are open with the aim of die Jordanian interest.

He also stressed that it was die It is everyone’s duty to work to maintain Parliament’s trust, image and reputation among the Jordanians.

King Abdullah II calls for dialogue in the interests of Jordan

King Deni at the opening of a parliamentary session last December (archive)

King Abdullah II emphasized the importance of die To link the modernization of the political system with the reform of the public administration and economic development as an integrated rule of law process.

The king also stressed die Need to define the ultimate goal of the political reform process and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve this goal, pointing out that this process is not bound by a single law.

The king pointed out that die Discussion papers are a starting point for the dialogue on the reform process.

He also stressed that achieving the desired economic reforms die Requires attracting and promoting investment to reduce poverty and unemployment.

In relation to die the king stressed the Palestinian issue die Jordan’s firm and clear stance on this and its continued support and support of the Palestinian brothers in any shape.

He noted that there are “ongoing contacts with fraternal and European countries besides the United States of America to press for a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian question”.

In response to an intervention by one of those present, the king declared that “there was a conspiracy to defeat the Jordanian state and die to weaken the Palestinian cause, but we could face it “.

He affirmed “Jordan’s central role in protecting Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem based on Hashemite tutelage over them “.

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