King Abdullah II. Sends a message die Jordanians

The official broadcaster of the Kingdom of Jordan reported today, Wednesday, that King Abdullah II will shortly address the Jordanians.

That word comes days after dozens of people in arrested in a security incident in the country. There was on Sunday evening die Government announced that die Security services had carried out activities against Prince Hamzah’s homeland, die die Arrested dozens of officers.

The then Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi confirmed that “Prince Hamzah is being treated within the framework of the Hashemite family,” as he put it.

“We all stand behind the king.”

The Jordanian royal court later announced the mandate of Prince Hassan bin Talal, King Abdullah II’s uncle, to look into the matter.

On Monday evening, Prince Hamzah confirmed his loyalty to the Jordanian monarch and wrote in a letter he signed: “We all stand behind the king when it comes to protecting Jordan and its national interests.”

Then, yesterday morning, quit die Jordanian authorities a publication ban in this case on that in caused an uproar in the country in recent days.

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