King of Fighters 15 Update 2.32: Essential Fixes and Adjustments Detailed

A new update for King of Fighters 15, known as Update 2.32, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.


  • In the latest update for King of Fighters 15, version 2.32, several key adjustments and fixes have been implemented. The primary focus of this update is to address specific issues related to character moves and to ensure a more balanced and seamless gameplay experience. This detailed overview breaks down the changes made to characters Kukri and Kim Kaphwan.


Guard Cancel Blow Back

  • Issue Addressed: There were scenarios where the Guard Cancel Blow Back would sometimes pass through opponents due to an inadequate pushbox size.
  • Fix Implemented: The pushbox has now been expanded backward. This expansion ensures that the Guard Cancel Blow Back connects properly with opponents, maintaining the intended effect and improving the overall reliability of the move.

Shatter Strike

  • Issue Addressed: Similar to Guard Cancel Blow Back, the Shatter Strike was also experiencing issues where it would fail to make contact with opponents under certain circumstances due to inadequate pushbox dimensions.
  • Fix Implemented: The pushbox for Shatter Strike has been expanded backward. This adjustment resolves the issue, ensuring that Shatter Strike interacts correctly with opponents and performs as intended.

Advance Strike

  • Issue Addressed: The Advance Strike move occasionally passed through opponents without delivering the intended impact, largely due to the move’s pushbox not being adequately sized.
  • Fix Implemented: To rectify this, the pushbox has been expanded backward. This ensures that Advance Strike will no longer miss opponents in close quarters, providing a more consistent offensive tool for Kukri.

Kim Kaphwan

Houou Hiten Kyaku (Normal Ver.)

  • Issue Addressed: The combo scaling value of the Normal version of Houou Hiten Kyaku was higher than intended, leading to a disproportionate reduction in damage over the course of a combo.
  • Fix Implemented: The combo scaling value has been reduced to the intended level. This adjustment allows players to deal more appropriate damage during extended combos, making the move more effective and balanced.

Houou Hiten Kyaku (MAX Ver.)

  • Issue Addressed: Similar to the Normal version, the MAX version of Houou Hiten Kyaku had a higher combo scaling value than designed. This high scaling resulted in less damage during long combo sequences.
  • Fix Implemented: The combo scaling value for the MAX version has been reduced to align with its intended performance metrics. This change ensures that the MAX version delivers the appropriate amount of damage throughout a combo, enhancing its utility and maintaining balance within the gameplay.

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