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King of Jordan: State institutions should adopt a new concept of national achievement

On Sunday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein inaugurated the second ordinary session of the National Assembly, outlining a road map for the rebirth of his country.

In his inauguration speech, the Jordanian monarch added: “We have come a long way in laying solid foundations to modernize the state and set the course for its second centennial.”

He explained that “the vision of economic modernization is binding on governments and is a criterion for measuring their performance and their commitment before the National Assembly”, noting that “global modernization with its political, economic and administrative tracks constitutes a great national project. “

He said: “State institutions should adopt a new concept of national achievement, the results of which can be perceived by citizens, and we will not accept fallout or hesitation in the implementation of these goals.”

On economic modernization, the Jordanian monarch stressed that “it aims to improve the standard of living of citizens and provide job and investment opportunities. in so that all productive sectors will be revitalized “.

Regarding the political and economic tracks, he stressed that “it is not complete without an efficient public administration that provides the best services to citizens and adopts modern technologies as a means to accelerate results and increase the level of productivity”.

The Jordanian monarch stressed that “the homeland was not built by pessimists and skeptics, but rather it has progressed and developed with the efforts of his sons and daughters who believed in it, and that homelands are not built with fears and doubts” .

He stressed that “the executive and legislative authorities must cooperate to achieve the desired objectives and evaluate the progress of the work in the global modernization project to overcome obstacles”.

The Jordanian monarch did not neglect the Palestinian question, stressing that “there is no way to circumvent the Palestinian question without a just and comprehensive solution that begins with the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital”.

He continued: “We will work to ensure that Palestinians are essential partners in regional projects and we will not accept their marginalization.”


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