King Spawn brings back a fan-favorite character of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman

ATTENTION: the following contains spoilers for Spawn king # 1 on sale now from Image Comics.

The rebirth in popularity of Spawn saw the Image Comics icon hit the ground running, unleashing legions of new titles to expand the Al Simmons universe. The most recent of this is the colossus Spawn of the King, which features a litany of To produce characters and legendary talent. Among others, the Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman creation The infestation returns in a back-up story in Spawn of the King # 1, by Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane, Javi Fernandez, Stephen Segovia, Marcio Takara, Philip Tan, Brett Booth, Adelso Corona, Daniel Henriques, FCO Plascencia, Andrew Dalhouse, Marcelo Maiolo, Peter Steigerwald and Dave McCaig.

Haunt, the fusion of two brothers, one of who is? dead and both of who hate each other, is a macabre McFarlane creation similar to Spawn himself. Having left the printed page for some time, Haunt now returns in Spawn of the King with a closer bond than ever with Spawn like forces of Heaven and hell are targeting him for death. Here’s a look back to who and what is Haunt e how he is again come back from publication dead.

Who is Haunt?

Haunt debuted in his book of the same name back in 2009, being co-created by Todd McFarlane and the author of The walking dead And Firepower, Robert Kirkman. As much as Spawn is visually a combination of McFarlane creation Poison with the chains and the cloak of Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange, Haunt is also evocative of a bit of spooky Marvel characters. His design and the white color scheme is essentially Marvel’s Anti-Venom, while its backstory is similar to that of the much more dark Voodoo Brother.

Haunt is the combination of Daniel Kilgore and Kurt Kilgore, two brothers with very different lives. Daniele was a wandering priest, while his brother Kurt was a secret agent. Killed by a rival agent, Kurt’s ghost tries to persuade Daniel to protect his widowed wife. During an altercation, Kurt’s ghost appears to merge with Daniel when he tries to push him out of the line of fire, instead merge the brothers together.

Since on, are known as Haunt, who And made up of ectoplasm of magical origin. This goo gives them razor-sharp claws, super strength and other enhanced physical abilities. This is held back a little from Daniel’s inexperience in the battlefield, even though Kurt is always there in the back of His mind. With these new powers, initially set out to work next to the Organization Kurt belonged to in precedence.

The return of the haunt in Spawn of the King

While meeting place it was initially heavily advertised because of its creators, the character vanished into obscurity, and meeting place concluded in 2013, with stories that tied him a lot more strictly al world of Spawn before his titular hero vanished into obscurity.

This is finally changed in Spawn of the King # 1 during a backup story with Daniel Kilgore and the current Redeemer. Daniel seems to hit him off with a new friend, but she transforms out which has links to otherworldly sources. Both heaven and hell do clear who are hunting Haunt due to his presence of elements of both of them of their kingdoms in its ectoplasmic body. threaded up on the wall of his apartment, Haunt is saved and healed from the Redeemer.

The Redeemer states that this act of kindness is in reimbursement of something Kurt Kilgore had done for him years ago, when he was still alive. Kurt’s ghost manifests after the Redeemer flies via, informing her brother who has no idea who he was the unmasked and eyeless alter ego of the Redeemer. This presents a mystery and a central conflict that they are sure to make the Kilgore brothers haunt both of them Spawn of the King and the widest To produce universe for years to come.

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