Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Condemns Sabotage of Embassy in Sudan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issues Strong Statement Against Armed Groups

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Condemns Sabotage in Sudan Embassy

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued the Kingdom’s harshest condemnation for the sabotage and tampering carried out by some armed groups in the Kingdom’s embassy building in Sudan and its annexes, as well as sabotage of housing and assets of working Saudi employees in the embassy.

Rejecting Violence and Sabotage

The ministry expressed the Kingdom’s total rejection of any form of violence and sabotage against diplomatic missions and representations, underlining the importance of confronting these armed groups who are trying to undermine the return of security and stability to Sudan and to his fraternal people. The Saudi government is taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of diplomatic missions and their staff members.

It is important for all nations to respect the sanctity of diplomatic missions and their staff. The Saudi government stands in solidarity with Sudan and hopes that this act of sabotage will not negatively affect the longstanding bilateral relations between the two countries.

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