Kiss frontman calls Covid-19 deniers “a” enemy’

People who deny existence of Covid-19 and are willing to spread the virus are evil, believes Gene Simmons. So are those on both of the corridor who have politicized vaccines against the illness.

Simmons, the frontman of the legendary rock band Kiss, transformed in anti-vaxxer who knowingly expose others people to the risk of infection. About on Wednesday at “TalkShopLive”, he called that people “a enemy” and said that should be identified and exposed.

“You are not allowed to infect anyone just because you think you have rights that are delusional “, He said.

The issue It came up while Simmons was discussing the latest ‘KISS Kruise’ e how fans who wanted participate in one I am now required be vaccinated. He said it was no different from rules requiring strapping on a seat belt or do not smoke in a building.

These things are mandatory “Not because of them want take away your rights – that’s because the rest of us I hate it. we don’t want to smell your smoke “, He said

“I do not want to catch your disease “ the 72-year- the old entertainer pointed out. “I do not want to risk my life just because you want go through a red light. “

This whole idea, this delusional, evil idea that you can do whatever you do want and the rest of the world damn it’s really terrible.

He suggested that people who refuse vaccines should to be “Identified and brought out uncovered”.

“Know who your friends are from how they very much care about you. This includes Covid-19 “, Simmons said. “If you are willing to walk between us unvaccinated, you are a enemy. “

The singer entered into politicization of vaccines, saying people on both of the corridor was responsible for vaccine rejection and Covid-19 denial, which he likened to believing the Earth is flat.

the distant left and the far right are both evil. Both spread of all kinds of nonsense. I do not like or one of they. Politics is there enemy.

“Humanism and humanity that’s what we do should everything is concerned from. Love your neighbor as yourself “, Simmons added.

Simmons’ observations are among the latest coming from the field of celebrities dunking on vaccine waste. The outspoken British TV host Piers Morgan withered they on friday like “A lot of pussies without a backbone “ It’s not worth it of their heroic ancestors.

There are also celebrities who refuse vaccination warrants, which critics see how to pave the way for increase in authoritarianism, even on a personal level cost. Brooklyn Nets 29-year-old star Kyrie Irving is in bench since then last season over refusing the vaccine and giving up from half of his salary of $ 35 million over missing games.

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