Klopp expresses pain over injury to Liverpool player Harvey Elliott

London: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has expressed his sadness over the serious injury of Harvey Elliott, the young player, during the red team’s 3-0 victory over Leeds United today, Sunday, in the fourth phase of the championship. English Premier League football. injury, during a joint ball in in the middle of the pitch with Dutchman Pascal Strick, Leeds player, who received a red card in the 60th minute, forcing the Liverpool player to leave the match stadium, suffering from his injury. in declarations to the media after the game, “It wasn’t like that, not at all. I think everyone saw that the ankle was not in the correct position, but the medical staff tried to do its job. “Klopp explained:” We have to wait for the medical examinations that the player will undergo. Now it is in hospital and we’ll see what happens. “The Liverpool manager added:” We saw how it affected the game and it was a shock to everyone. Elliott is the younger brother of the team players. He plays with a group of veterans and has great quality and talent and what he was exposed to was really difficult. I didn’t celebrate the red card for the Leeds player. We only cared about Elliott’s condition, but I don’t imagine that injury happened intentionally and I don’t want Strick to feel in guilt”. The 1-1 draw with Chelsea hosts before the last stop for the national teams, which brings his score to 10 points in third place, with a goal difference behind Manchester United and Chelsea, second and third respectively. (DBA)

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