Klopp is pleased with the heat of the competition in the English Premier League

London: The German manager, Jurgen Klopp, has confirmed at Liverpool that he is pleased with the ignition of competition between the teams in the golden square of the English Premier League, in light of his commitment to lead his team to occupy one of the first four seats in the ranking during the second part of the season to participate in the next edition of the Champions League. . Liverpool are in sixth place, seven points behind fourth-placed Tottenham in table, and 15 points behind leaders Arsenal. Liverpool have eight wins in their last ten matches before the World Cup break in Qatar, but the team lost to Manchester City 2/3 in its first match after returning, in the round of 16 of the English professional league cup. “Obviously we left a gap between us and the top places in standings, but we consider ourselves at the moment of the fight, and that means we have to chase, which is what we will do” Klopp said, according to the British news agency (BA Media), today, Saturday, before facing Aston Villa (dpa)