Klopp: Liverpool have not expired and must be judged at the end of the season

Berlin: German manager Jurgen Klopp has dismissed rumors that the current Liverpool side have expired, indicating that the final ruling is expected to be postponed to the end of the season. Liverpool have lost twice in a row in English Premier League against Nottingham and Leeds United and suffered four defeats over the course of the season to occupy ninth place with 16 points. “I think this ruling should come later in this season, or maybe at the end, “said Klopp before the match against Napoli in Champions League. “If I say the situation is the same for the players or the coach, I don’t think it’s 100% right. in this moment judging the team or the players, because we never had them all together, “he added. He stressed:” We have lost players, especially in the offensive line, we have lost the high potential, which is not useful. ” explained: “Even if it is unfair, but it is good, it is normal, it is our life and asking these questions is certainly right, but we will answer you in followed “. (Exhibition of the DBA States)