Klopp points out the difficulty of Liverpool’s task in the fight for the English Premier League title

London: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has highlighted the difficulty of his team’s position in the English Premier League title competition, following the 2-2 draw with Manchester City, host today, Sunday, in head to the 32nd stage of the competition. The title fight between the two teams remained unchanged as Manchester City remained in head with 74 points, one point in more than his closest rivals, Liverpool, so that the fierce competition between them continued 7 stages before the end of the season. Klopp adhered to his statements before the match, during which he indicated that the outcome of the match would be decisive in the fight for the title, explaining that the matter had become more difficult for his team, with few matches. remained in championship in this season and the lack of room to maneuver. Asked if Liverpool should win their last seven games, having racked up 10 straight wins in championship prior to this draw, the red team coach said, “Yeah, I think that’s probably right.” And the British news agency (BA Media) quoted Klopp’s comments, in to which he stated: “We knew that last January, if we want to win the title, we have to win 18 games, if we can draw, it will be allowed. in Today’s meeting. We now have two big matchBenfica (in Champions League) and Manchester City in FA Cup (semifinal) that we have to win. “” We are where we want to be, close to an amazing team, and I have said that many times if you have no luck in life, you are devastated, “said Klopp. We need the right decisions and we have to be closer to perfection to win seven games in Premier League “. “It’s crazy, but that’s the only way to overtake this team, even if it’s enough.” (Dpa)