Klopp: Real Madrid are the favorite to win the Champions League

Paris: Jurgen Klopp, coach of Liverpool’s English football team, considered Real Madrid the most likely candidate in view to win the final of the European Champions League, which brings the two teams together on Saturday. The Real Madrid team are in their fifth game in the last nine seasons, having managed to reverse the delay in the matches of the previous three playoffs. Asked who he considers the most important candidate to win the match, Klopp said: “If you look at the story of the two club It is the way in which Real celebrated their comeback in the result, I would say they are the candidates. “He added:” This is due to experience. I want us to be on the same level in these things. I want us to play our way in this match “. And he added: “If we are at our best, it will be difficult to face each other. My main goal is to play our way and have faith in ourselves”. Klopp spoke in a press conference at the Stade de France on the eve of the final. (Exhibition DBA / Statistics)