Klopp rejects pessimism despite Liverpool’s draw with Tottenham

LONDON: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp tried to maintain positivity despite 1-1 draw with Tottenham which threatened the team’s chances of winning the Premier League title in this season. Liverpool drew with Tottenham on Saturday evening, bringing the score to 83 points in advantage, with a goal difference only against Manchester City, second in ranking, with three games remaining for Liverpool in the season and four games for Manchester City, the first of which is later Sunday against Newcastle. Liverpool failed to win in home in Premier League for the first time since the match against Brighton last October, and now they need Manchester City to lose three points in the remaining four games to have a chance to win the title. Tottenham advanced in the 56th minute with Heung-min Son’s 20th goal in this season, then Liverpool drew with Luis Diaz’s goal in the 74th minute, but failed to win only for the third time in their league games since the start of 2022. Klopp said in statements published by the British news agency “PA Media”: “First of all we must stop treating it as a funeral. Much worse things have happened in my life. “He added:” It’s an important point, because it’s a point that added to what we had before the game. A draw after being 0/1 is much better, but simply it wasn’t what we were aiming for. ” “Now we have to face it and we will, we all know the situation,” she added. Klopp added: “Now we are in top of the chart. My favorite situation is that we and City lose all remaining games and stay in head, but we all know it’s not like that. “” I’d like to sit here and say yes, City will lose points, we’ll see what happens. “He continued:” What worries me in this moment is not City’s game against Newcastle, but our Tuesday game against Aston Villa. “” The only chance we have to continue the journey is to win, “he added. (Dpa)