Kohli opens the eyelash in the IPL in preparation for the T20 World Championship

The 32-year-old was named for the second time since 2018 in a T20 international match at the top of the Indian Order before deciding against England on Saturday.

That decision paid off well as Kohli hit 80 of 52 balls undefeated to lift his country to a whopping 224 and ultimately a 36-run win that resulted in a 3-2 win in the series.



And the captain stated after the game that he plans to take on an opening role for Royal Challengers Bangalore at the IPL next month with the aim of doing the same for India when they host the T20 World Cup in October.

“I will also open at the IPL,” he told Star Sports.

“You see, I’ve fought in different positions in the past, but I feel like we have a very solid middle order now, and now it’s about your two best players getting the maximum number of balls in T20 cricket So I would definitely like to have Rohit at the top.

“As I rightly said, when we are in a partnership and we are both set, you know that one of us is going to cause serious damage. That is exactly what we want.

“And the other guys feel a lot safer when one of us is still in and playing. They know they can play more freely.

“It’s a good sign for the team and I want it to stay that way and hopefully continue this form until the World Cup.”

Kohli also announced that India’s preparations for the T20 World Cup will be supported by a series of short games against England following the scheduled test series in August and September.

He added: “I just found out that we could have more after the Test series against England.

“”[We are] more or less sorted [in terms of who will make the squad]. We are very very confident. Very happy with how things went. We just want to keep moving forward with more positivity and fearlessness. “

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