Kraven the Hunter, teased a potential face-off with Spidey

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stars as Kraven the Hunter in Sony Pictures’ newest Spider-Man spin-off film. The movie, set in the same universe as Venom and Morbius, promises to bring a gritty and realistic take on the popular character. In fact, it’s even earned an R-rating, making it the first Spider-Man adjacent film to do so. During a recent video at CinemaCon, Taylor-Johnson hinted at an exciting face-off between Kraven and Spidey, stating that the film is “grounded heavily in the real world” and that he’s thrilled it’s rated R.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Wants Spider-Man

Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently shared the official trailer of Kraven the Hunter on Instagram Stories. The trailer offers the first glimpse of Rhino and has already created a buzz. In the post, Taylor-Johnson subtly hinted at Kraven’s rivalry with Spider-Man by adding, “Spider-Man… I’m coming for you.” This statement has increased fans’ anticipation, as Taylor-Johnson had earlier mentioned that the possibility of Kraven facing Spider-Man is high. The trailer also teased the idea of Spider-Man’s presence in Kraven the Hunter when a swarm of spiders surrounded Sergei Kravinoff.

Will Sony’s Spider-Verse Clash With Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

The post-credits scene of Morbius stirred up a lot of buzz among fans, with Michael Keaton’s Vulture recruiting Jared Leto’s Michael Morbius. Sony seems to be teasing the possibility of a Sinister Six team-up, which is thrilling news for fans of the comics. The movie version could potentially include Venom, Vulture, Morbius, Mysterio (if he’s not really dead), Rhino, and Kraven – a formidable lineup to say the least!

What’s exciting about this alternate universe is that it recognizes Spider-Man, as confirmed by Vulture’s line to Morbius. This opens up endless possibilities for future Spider-Man installments, and we can’t wait to see what Marvel Studios has in store for Tom Holland’s character. Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s recent call-out of Spider-Man on social media only adds to our anticipation, and we can’t help but wonder if he knows something we don’t.

Overall, Sony seems to be taking bold steps to create a dynamic and interconnected universe, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Kraven the Hunter releases on October 6, exclusively in theaters.

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