Kris Jenner gives Stormi Webster an amazing playhouse and it’ll make you cry – Watch Kylie Jenner show off her Christmas decorations

Kylie Jenner shows off her Christmas decorations and they are just amazing. While Kim Kardashian was recently criticized for sharing photos of her Christmas decorations and wrapping paper that people called “weird”, Kylie Jenner’s Christmas decorations have received incredible praise. Kylie uploaded a video of herself with Stormi and showed off her decorations, but what was most appealing was that Kris Jenner offered Stormi a performance hall just like the one Kylie had when she was the age of Stormi.

Not only did Kris give Stormi the incredible gift, she also found the original furniture Kylie had when she was a child and had it restored. Kris was so overcome with emotion when she saw her daughter growing up and her own mother that she burst into tears.

Stormi was full of smiles as she explored her incredible playhouse. A small patio with a rail saw little Stormi so happy to have her own space, she closed the door to Kylie!

Stormi is a very verbal child and proudly said to her grandmother, “My house!”

You can watch the video that Kylie Jenner shared of her beautiful Christmas decorations and of Stormi playing in her incredible house in the video player below.

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Kylie Jenner was ready for the holiday season with black pants and a purple sweater. She was wearing a blindfold and when the video started, Stormi spent time playing with the polar bears and the decorations.

Kylie said that she opted for a winter wonderland theme and that she used a lot of white in her decorations to match her furniture. A white sleigh will welcome Stormi’s gifts on Christmas morning.

Kylie slipped and while standing near her 18-foot Christmas tree said that she would put Stormi’s gifts in the sleigh. She quickly corrected herself and said that Santa Claus would be the one to put Stormi’s gifts in the sleigh.

Kylie had placed additional decorative Christmas trees throughout the house.

Although Kris Jenner had watery eyes, it didn’t take long for Kylie’s eyes to wake up to the sentimentality of the precious gift.

When Stormi went out with Kris to see her performance hall, she said, “Merry Christmas”.


This shows that even if you have enough money to buy luxury gifts, it is the sentimental principles that make the holidays truly special and are the best gifts of all.

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