KRK Is Not A Good Muslim Or A Decent Human Being Says Toshi

Singer, songwriter and composer Toshi Sabri who made headlines by collaborating with Mika Singh for his latest diss track, KRK Kutta, says Kamaal R Khan is not a good Muslim neither a decent human being. Talking about his reasons for collaborating with Mika Singh for the diss track, Toshi said, “KRK has been saying bad things about so many people. No one has dared to say anything against him. We all are a part of this industry and it is our responsibility to raise our voices against him. I would like to tell KRK that he cannot say such mean things about anyone. He talks without thinking and it hurts people. This does not make him a good human and good Muslim. He should balance his words and talk.  He wants to review others’ work, he should do that only but personal attack on someone is not good.”

Alia Bhatt had a lot to catch up with her besties

Talking Alia Bhatt had a lot to catch up with her besties about the song, he said, “The content and the vibe of the song are totally different. Whenever someone hires us as a composer, we give our 100 percent. We have composed this song keeping in mind the voice of Mika Singh” The type of response the song is getting is only possible when someone genuinely loves or hates someone. I would like to say that no one in the world has the right to say any bad thing about anyone. Through this song, we want to say that if you have power or authority then you cannot misuse it by saying bad things about others” added Toshi.
Talking about the challenges he faced while composing the song, he said. “The song was quirky that is the reason it was a bit of a challenge. The lyrics of the song are quite different. Everyone in the team has done a great job. We have tried to give melody in the rap as well.”

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