Kroos is satisfied with the negotiations for the renewal of the contract with Real Madrid

Berlin: Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has confirmed that he is calm about his talks club Spanish for the renewal of the contract next year. The German midfielder’s contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the season in course and several press reports discussed his options for the future. The 32-year-old midfielder has in plans to end his career with Real Madrid and seems happy to wait until 2023 to start negotiations for the contract renewal. “I’m in good physical shape and things are going well on the pitch, “Kroos said ahead of his team’s Champions League game against Celtic on Wednesday. He added:” I am very happy and calm in this moment and I feel relieved, I have seen what has been written on the subject in the newspapers and I do not know how things will go with me. “He explained:” During the break (in World Cup) I will think about things and then I will decide, I am not going anywhere, I will retire here, the only thing I don’t know is when it will happen. “(DPA / Performance statistics)