Kuwait Airport is preparing to increase its operational capacity after full opening

Kuwait International Airport is preparing for the entire opening process, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday in a meeting, and to reach a daily capacity of about 30,000 passengers per day.

The number of airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport will reach 52 airlines, including two local companies and regional and international companies.

Sources told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa that the number of passengers at Kuwait International Airport varies in based on the travel season, as the number of passengers decreases in winter to between 20 and 25 thousand passengers per day.

Sources indicated that no date has yet been released for the full opening of the airport.

Previously, responsible sources of the General Administration of Civil Aviation in Kuwait said the administration once again asked the government to increase the operational capacity of the airport, which currently stands at 10,000 passengers per day. in arrival in the country, as “civil aviation” aims. from this decision to increase the number of passengers in arrival in the country, which will positively affect ticket prices.

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