Kuwait invites its citizens in France and Germany to return due to the Omicron epidemic

Kuwait has invited its citizens in France and Germany to return to their country due to the outbreak of the mutated Micron Corona, one day after the Kuwaitis in Great Britain were invited to return for the same reason.

For its part, the Kuwaiti Civil Aviation General Administration said today, Sunday, that air traffic at Kuwait International Airport is proceeding normally, with delays in some flights in departure, despite the rainy situation that the country is currently witnessing.

The Deputy Director General for Planning and Projects and the official spokesperson for the administration, Saad Al-Otaibi, said that the movement of the aircraft was not affected by the current weather conditions, noting that the contingency plan was activated. in all operating sectors in (Civil Aviation) to cope with the enormous amounts of rain.

The Kuwaiti Government Communications Center also announced that the Education Minister announced the suspension of studies and postponement of exams tomorrow, Monday, due to bad weather.

The Meteorological Department had stated that the country is affected by scattered rains of media intensity and sometimes thunderstorms in some areas, with activities at wind speeds that can exceed 50 kilometers per hour, with a decrease in horizontal visibility in some areas, and the sea wave height reaches more than six feet Quoted by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

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