Kuwait recalls its ambassador from Lebanon and asks the Chargé d’affaires to leave the country

Today, Saturday, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry announced that Kuwait has decided to recall its Ambassador to the Lebanese Republic for consultations and to leave the Chargé d’affaires of the Lebanese Embassy. in Kuwait within 48 hours.

He said on his Twitter account that this measure came due to the Lebanese Republic’s perseverance and persistence in negative statements and failure to respond to rejected and reprehensible positions against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia And the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, as well as the failure of the Lebanese government to take the necessary measures to discourage the continuing and growing drug trafficking to Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

He also added that Kuwait regrets what has happened and affirms its enthusiasm for the Lebanese who reside in the country and do not harm them.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia announced yesterday, Friday, that it will summon the ambassador of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Lebanese Republic for consultations and the Lebanese ambassador’s departure to the Kingdom within the next 48 hours. And he decided to stop all Lebanese imports into the country due to the importance of taking all necessary measures to protect the safety of the Kingdom and its people.

The government of the Kingdom affirmed its attention to Lebanese citizens residing in the Kingdom, “which it considers part of the fabric and cohesion that unites the Saudi people and their Arab brothers residing in the Kingdom, and does not believe that what has been issued by the Lebanese government authorities express the positions of the Lebanese community residing in the Kingdom and dear to the Saudi people ”.

For its part, announced Bahrain Ministry of Foreign AffairsAlso yesterday, Friday, Bahrain asked the Lebanese ambassador to leave his territory within 48 hours. Has explained in a statement that the decision came against the background of a series of unacceptable statements and positions e offensive issued by Lebanese officials.

He also stressed that the decision to ask for the Lebanese ambassador to leave did not concern resident Lebanese in Bahrain.

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