Kuwait: the return of the usual official working hours in government agencies in this moment

The Kuwaiti government, in its weekly meeting yesterday, Wednesday, approved the return of the usual official work system in all government agencies, starting Sunday 15 August 2021, after studying the recommendations of the Ministerial Committee for Crown Emergencies.

The Council has decided to limit the movements of unvaccinated citizens to age groups not subject to vaccination and to citizens who have obtained a certificate approved by the Ministry of Health certifying the impossibility of obtaining the vaccine for health reasons, starting from Wednesday , on the first of September.

At the end of last month, the state of Kuwait clarified the new procedures relating to travel to the country, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

And the Government Communication Center in Kuwait has stated that the new travel procedures for arrivals, which will apply from the beginning of August 2021, foresee not accepting any passengers in arrival in the state of Kuwait, except after obtaining a negative PCR examination certificate proving that he is free from the Corona virus, provided it is valid. “72 An hour” and that’s the person who comes in Kuwait showed no symptoms, such as high fever, sneezing, cold, cough and others.

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