Kuwaiti Sheikh , associate, and two foreign nationals detained in the Malaysian Fund scandal

Kuwait’s Criminal Court on Tuesday sentenced a sheik, his partner and two escaped expats to 10 years and a lawyer to 7 years in prison, to bring the curtain down on the biggest money laundering case the country has witnessed , known as the “Malaysian Fund”. the first, fourth and fifth, and the confiscation of the sums seized in the banks resulting from the laundering process, the benefits deriving from their return and the funds object of the crime, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.

The Prosecutor had reopened the file of the “Malaysian Fund” case, after a two-year stop due to the failure to receive information from international bodies, but the case was not archived, but frozen due to lack of information during the previous period, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper “Al-Qabas”.

Investigations showed that nearly $1 billion entered the account of a Kuwaiti envoy, and was then transferred back overseas, according to Al-Qabas.

The prosecutor accused the defendants, “in as an organized criminal group”, of having committed the crime of money laundering in Chinese currency, equal to 343 million and 700 thousand Kuwaiti dinars (more than a billion dollars), knowing that these funds had been obtained from crimes, money thefts and investments by the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund.

In the order for reference, the Public Prosecutor found that these sums were received and acquired by the first defendant from a Hong Kong company by way of commission imposed in favor of the company it owns for a contracting consultancy work contract dated 22 July 2017 for the implementation of the “Silk Road” project, which is the contract prepared for him by the two defendants, the second and third falsely and contrary to the truth without being matched by real deeds.