Entertainment KUWK: Blac Chyna Admits That She Wrapped Phone Charging...

KUWK: Blac Chyna Admits That She Wrapped Phone Charging Cord Around Ex Rob Kardashian’s Neck But Insists She Did Not Try To Strangle Him!


In some brand-new court files gotten by HollywoodLife, Blac Chyna confessed that she did, undoubtedly, utilize a phone charging cord on her second infant daddy Rob Kardashian throughout an especially explosive battle. She firmly insisted that she was not attempting to harm the only Kardashian boy.

Chyna’s lawyer Lynne M. Ciani is attempting to get the claim submitted versus her by Rob dismissed!

The factor is that, while she did in fact cover an iPhone cord around Rob’s neck, she was not preparing to strangle him like the guy declared!

A video testament from back in September gotten by the news outlet has Chyna informing lawyer Martin Vocalist that she just put the cord around his neck ‘jokingly,’ prior to going on to describe that ‘And then after that, we had fun.’

If prior to or after the phone charging cord occurrence,

The mom of 2 likewise confessed to ripping his t-shirt that very same night but might not keep in mind.

The shot testament has her concurring with the lawyer that she did put the cord around Rob’s neck while holding it with 2 hands but ‘not to hurt him, no.’

That suggests she likewise rejected pulling the cord, attempting to choke her infant daddy, that the cord was twisted around his neck completely which she connected it at the back so that she might pull it.

Lastly, Blac Chyna rejected scratching her fiancé at the time.

This follows Rob’s testament and for that reason his side of the story was likewise exposed.

He argued that what she finished with the cord was a ‘dumb thing to do’ because he is ‘the father of her child, who also takes care of her family, and who just had a child with her, and who is like loyal to her.’


Throughout that very same video testament, Rob likewise admitted that he actually attempted to make it deal with Chyna which he desired more kids with her. The 2 share child Dream, born in November of 2016.

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