KUWK: In the relationship of Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima in the midst of reconciliation reports!

After spending more time together than usual, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have sparked rumors that they are dating again. It’s no secret that since their separation, the KUWK star and the model have remained friendly, but their new interactions have convinced people that they were even back together.

That being said, an insider report claims to know what exactly is the status of their relationship.

In the past two weeks, the mother of three has been spotted with her ex at various locations, including a club in Miami, where they have been partying all night together.

In addition, they even visited Disneyland and were all smiling in the company of each other, even hugging at times, according to eyewitnesses.

And let’s not forget that Younes was also at the Kardashian Christmas party this year!

Finally, the two shared photos of each other on their respective social media platforms!

Despite all of these signs, however, it turns out that they are not officially back together at this point.

A source explained via HollywoodLife that “Kourtney and Younes are having a lot of fun right now. It is nothing serious at all. Kourtney likes it to be extremely hot, he’s young and gentle with the kids, but despite they hang out, it’s just a meeting and a good time for her and that’s really all she sees. They have a lot of chemistry together. They are not back together and she does not consider him as her boyfriend. “


“She knows in the long run that it would not work for many reasons, but she is happy to have fun and remain relaxed at the moment,” continued the same insider for the same media.

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