KUWK: Kim Kardashian exposes Momager Kris Jenner for keeping his own wax figurine in the house – Watch the clip!

Kim Kardashian exposed his momager, Kris Jenner, for keeping his wax figurine in the house! It’s true, it turns out that the matriarch Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a big fan of herself and her daughter was really amused.

During their holiday party last night, Kim found the figure just frightening next to the bar, in a chair and in the clip that made its way to social media, she can be seen exclaiming, “Oh my god what is it? It’s so funny! “

Of course, it is likely that the momager did it on purpose for the shock value or as a hilarious piece of conversation at the bash.

“Kim is going upstairs to get me something and I just want to see what she’s thinking,” said Kris laughing before Kim found the wax figurine.

Kim couldn’t believe how real this seemed and wondered who had succeeded for Kris.

The mother then joked that she had him made so that Kim could visit him without having to hear him speak so much.

Later in the video, Kris reveals that it was the Hollywood Wax Museum that made it.

Her daughter was truly impressed and shocked as she continued to watch her mother’s realistic version, saying, “Crazy, crazy!”

Everything from Jenner’s signature short haired fashion, and of course, her face, was perfect!

It must have looked even more strangely similar to being there in front of him rather than just seeing him on the screen.


Kim shared another video, giving fans a closer look at the figure and telling them, “I literally knew I was coming here and I was always surprised to see this. You have no idea the reality of this. Like it was crazy. She’s wearing her favorite Dolce tuxedo, but like you, like it’s exactly the little brand she has. Like everything you think of it, it’s her exact hair line. Like I can’t even tell you how scary and amazing it is. “

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