KUWK: Kim wants Sia to become a Kardashian – begs Rob to marry the singer and make it happen!

The Kardashian-Jenners had a very special guest at their annual Christmas Eve party, the singer Sia, and it seems they want to make it theirs! That said, it looks like they have found the perfect way to turn this into reality!

This year’s Kar-Jenner clan party was a huge success and even Rob Kardashian, who has generally stayed away from the family business in recent years, was there.

Kardashian’s only son has managed to lose a few pounds and work on his sanity and now he is much more confident and happy to participate in such events.

He is also the only family member who has the power to add more people to it.

Of course, the way he can do it is to marry someone who would then adopt the name Kardashian and join the family of reality TV.

It was all Kim’s idea! The reality TV celebrity was filming when Rob thought he was posing for a photo.

That’s when the sister can be heard saying, “Rob can marry Sia so she can become Kardashian!”

It is not clear in the clip if Rob heard this suggestion; there is therefore no way of knowing what he thinks of the arrangement at the moment.

Meanwhile, Sia played live Christmas-themed songs for the clan to the delight of everyone present.

#RobKardashian spotted at Kardashian’s Christmas party! @robkardashian pic.twitter.com/zqOOA5MiXB

– Liana ???? (@LianaNicoleeee) December 25, 2019

Overall, it was a big celebration, Kim mentioning the tradition, as well as her husband Kanye’s Sunday choir in a speech.


“We are so grateful that we continue to do so. Tonight is very special because my husband Kanye (West) worked hard with his Sunday service choir, ”said the mother of four to the crowd.

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