KUWK: Kourtney Kardashian applauds following harsh criticism over getting a new puppy!

Kourtney Kardashian added a new member to the family, but it looks like she had a backlash because of it! The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians went on social media to present his children’s new Golden Retriever puppy – a wonderful Christmas gift for the youngest!

However, the revelation caused confusion about what happened to the Pomeranian Kourt dog named Honey!

Many of his subscribers have left comments similar to “WTF where’s honey”.

The photo of the new family member was simply titled “But what should we name it?”, So the mother of three said nothing about the fate of her beloved dog.

Was the honey replaced?

At the same time, other people who were not wondering where the Pomeranian was were rather laying serious charges.

One person went so far as to say that they still only adopt puppies to “throw them away in 3 months”.

Fortunately, Kourtney did not waste much time before addressing everyone’s concerns.

“Of course, we still have honey, our baby Pom Pom,” she wrote in response to the enemies.

And it was not over! Kourtney later clarified that she would not tolerate heinous claims when a user suggested naming the puppy “temporary” because you never keep your dogs. “

“Wow so much negativity. we still have honey, but thanks for your suggestions. I guess Santa Claus wasn’t good for you, hence your vibrations, ”replied the Kardashian.

It is clear that at this point people are just trying to be mean for no reason. After all, honey is highly valued!


The only difference is that the Pomeranian now has a new friend to play with!

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