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KUWK: Wendy Williams Thinks There Is ‘No Romance’ In Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage After Seeing Their Elevator PDA Clip– Here’s Why!


Wendy Williams does not believe Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have any love in their marriage. The talk show host reached this conclusion after seeing the rap artist leave his reality TELEVISION star other half in an elevator with her shopping bags and did not use her any aid.

Throughout her most recent episode, Wendy revealed the clip to her audience that revealed the couple sharing a kiss in a glass elevator in Paris.

While that looks romantic and sweet, when they reach their flooring, Ye can be seen going out with a smile on his face as Kim scrambles to rapidly go out prior to the doors close in her face.

‘You know I love Kim, and I love Kanye and the whole family. But, Kanye’ s being roasted for leaving Kim in the elevator with an entire lot of bags. I see no love in their relationship. Take a look at him!’ Wendy stated.

She went on to slam Kanye for being inconsiderate, reaching to state that she understands lots of kids who would have been more valuable and courteous because scenario.

‘I’ ve met 5 years of age who would actually assist a female with her bags and press the elevator button and keep it open. Are you major?’

Since they understood they were being enjoyed,

Wendy likewise argued that their sweet PDA was most likely not natural however that they did it.

‘There they are, and the sole reason, to me, they were kissing is because it was a glass elevator and the cameras. Come on like, ‘let’ s phase this.’ And then he is like, ‘okay it’ s done.’ You have to keep up the charade. Oh man, I want we didn’t understand this. We would not have actually understood this if he ‘d simply acted right.’


The host worried that while she might never ever remain in a romance-less relationship, she passed no judgment as far as it works for them.

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