Kuzmin’s readings and modifications … comfort the Federalists

Al-Ittihad coach Cosmin Contra succeeded in his first official mission, after leading the brigadier general to a sweeping victory over his host Abha, 6-1. -Mawlid and Harun Kamara scored, Abdulaziz Al-Jibreen also contributed to the fifth goal and Abdul Rahman Al-Yami scored the sixth goal.

The coach also freed the team, having the initiative, and was attacking and not retreating, unlike what was happening with the sacked manager Kareli.

Noting that Al-Ittihad played two games with Kuzmin, during which he scored 13 goals, the first was a friendly against Al-Ansar and Al-Ameed won 7-0, and the other was official against Abha , and Al-Ittihad won 6-1.

Federal fans are hoping this exceptional performance with Kuzmin will continue throughout the season.

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