Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty by the Kenosha jury

A jury has found Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty on charges of murder and reckless danger linked to the August 2020 shooting of three participants in the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The jury of five men and seven women issued his verdict after four days of resolutions.

During the test week, prosecutors painted Rittenhouse as a vigilante who crossed state lines with an illegally obtained “Assault rifle” and killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, who they were part of of a “crowd full of heroes “ peacefully protest the racist police shooting of black the man Jacob Blake.

'Don't be cheeky with myself!'  Judge in Rittenhouse case download on attorney (VIDEO)

TO KNOW MORE: ‘Don’t be cheeky with myself!’ Judge in Rittenhouse case download on attorney (VIDEO)

His defense pointed out that of Rittenhouse father lives in Kenosha, who then-17-year-the old lifeguard volunteered as a doctor and helped clean up up graffiti and stop the crowd of revolted by setting up businesses on fire when he was attacked by Rosenbaum and Huber. They also noted that Grosskreutz testified that he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse before he was shot, and claimed that the teenager acted in legitimate auto-defense.

Rittenhouse had been charged with five offenses, including first- degree of voluntary homicide, first- despite reckless murder and reckless danger safety.

Judge Bruce Schroeder had previously dismissed the offense gun possession load against Rittenhouse, as the Smith & Wesson rifle he was carrying that night was permitted under Wisconsin law.

protests against Blake’s shooting escalated in riots on August 25, 2020 and more companies in Kenosha center was set in flames. Subsequent investigations acquitted the police officers of any offense in the shooting of Blake, who had been armed with a knife.

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