La Palma volcano: flowing lava forces more evacuations

People from the neighborhood of Tacande Alto was evacuated late Monday and early Tuesday after a new current of lava started flowing from another fissure on the hill of the Cumbre Viejo volcano, El Paso mayor Sergio Rodriguez told state broadcaster TVE.

“The Lava” on to be path to the sea has been a bit erratic and has deviated from its course,” said Rodriguez.

About 6,000 of the 80,000 people living on the island have been forced to leave their country homes until escape the eruption so far, TVE said.

The volcano started to erupt on Sunday after La Palma, the most north-western island in the Canary archipelago, was startled by thousands of earthquakes in the previous days. It shot hundreds of lava of meter in the air, flooded forests and sent molten rock to the ocean over a sparsely populated area of La Palma.

There are no deaths of injured reported, but drone footage captured two tongues of black lava cutting a devastating swath across the landscape as they progressed down the western flank of the volcano in the direction of the sea.

Volcano erupts on La Palma in The Canary Islands of Spain

Experts say if and when the lava reaches the sea, it could trigger more explosions and clouds of toxic gases.

Marine authorities hold two nautical miles area in the sea around the area closed as a precaution “to avoid spectators on boats and prevent the gases from people’, the head of the council, Mariano Hernandez, told the Cadena SER radio station.

He insisted people attracted by refraining from approaching the phenomenon to avoid a road collapse die partially hindered the evacuation on Monday, Hernandez said.

Smoke rises on Tuesday after the eruptions.

Initially, the lava flow was expected to reach the coast on Monday night, but it is speed has fallen in recently hours.

A Reuters witness saw the current of molten rock slowly engulf house in the village of Los Campitos, ignites the interior and sends flames through the windows and on the roof.

if of Tuesday morning the lava covered 103 hectares and destroyed 166 houses, according to data die have been released by the Copernicus Emergency Management Service of the European Union.

Emergency services have said residents should not fear for their safety if she follow recommendations.

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