La Salle puts women soccer program to the test after research

La Salle University has put the women’s soccer team on discipline until 2020 – including restrictions on competition for the spring season – following research that revealed a “non-violent power efficiency difference”.

The university gave no example of the cataclysmic discovery and said no action was taken against anyone.

Former Soldiers Kayla Miller-People told The Philadelphia Inquirer the alleged shock she received when she was first in the team.

#Breaking: La Salle University investigated allegations that the exploitation comes from the school’s women’s soccer team. The program has been put to a disciplinary test by 2020 as a result.

– The Philadelphia Researcher (@PhillyInquirer) December 14, 2019

Miller-People said she was the victim of “boot games” during which, as she said, La Salle freshmen had shots from all directions.

“The coach will then shout ‘last ball’ to the team, suggesting that older players can kick the balls once more,” according to The Inquirer.

Miller-People also said upperclassmen would eat first during group meals and leave food scraps for newcomers.

In another allegation, Miller-People said that the older players made the newcomers stay behind to clean up the team bus after games and carry the equipment bags through the campus alone in the dark.

La Salle has a politics of joy. He says the disaster can include “violence of a mental nature, including activity that adversely affects one’s mental health or dignity, sleep deprivation, social exclusion or behavior that could lead to extreme embarrassment.”

From the examiner:

The university investigated allegations of fellow players’ amazement and retaliation from Paul Royal, who has been head coach of the women’s soccer team for 17 years, according to emails from school executives and the Miller-People family. father of Alfred Miller.

“The investigation revealed examples of non-violent, differential powers,” the statement said in part. “While the investigation found no behavior that required university disciplinary action against specific individuals, we take all allegations of disaster and other forms of misconduct very seriously.”

In a telephone interview Saturday, Dawn Soufleris, La Salle’s vice president for student studies and enrollment, said there had been “very thorough research” after receiving a complaint. Two investigations were carried out – by the human resources and public security departments.

“We have always had a zero tolerance when it comes to flooding,” Soufleris said, adding, for elements of “power differences within the group, that is unacceptable.”

As a result, La Salle has put the women’s soccer program on discipline by 2020, the university said. Players will also need to attend a workshop to respect their compatriots, undergo training, do community service and have “competition restrictions” this spring semester, La Salle said.

After Miller raised his daughter’s concerns about La Salle’s sporting director, Miller-People reportedly told Royal at a meeting that he was no longer fit for the team.

He stayed on La Salle’s official roster for the rest of the season but didn’t play or practice after the meet.

At the end of the semester, the Miller-People returned to northern New Jersey. He hopes to be transferred to Temple University for the spring semester.

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