Lady Dash’s $ 950,000 Due in Child Support Will Come from Lee Daniels’ Pockets

In an ongoing child support battle between Dame Dash and her two baby moms, it seems that the $ 950,000 that Lady owes them will finally be paid … by Lee Daniels.

TMZ reports that Lady had a hearing today in New York, where he and his ex-wife Rachel Roy and his ex-Cindy Morales met to determine that he would repay the heavy debt he owed them. with respect to alimony.

Their settlement plan now involves a previous settlement that Dame had with Lee Daniels. You see, Lee and Lady reached an agreement earlier this year following a $ 5 million lawsuit that Dame had filed against him.

On Tuesday, Roy and Morales’ lawyer, Donnell Suares, and Dame’s lawyer, Natraj Bhushan, told the court that child support would come directly from the money Lee owes Damon. The agreement will pay women in installments of several thousand dollars per quarter until the total of $ 950,000 is paid in full.

Less than a month ago, Lady was arrested in New York for unpaid alimony. After being detained, Lady was brought to the Bronx Family Court, handcuffed, following two arrest warrants, as confirmed by the Sheriff’s Office in New York City. . The authorities in New York City have reportedly tried to convince Dame to pay child support debt in the past four years, without any chance.

Lady was accused of having owed huge sums of money to the two mothers of her children. Her youngest daughter Talluah with ex-wife / fashion designer Rachel Ray and her son Lucky with ex-girlfriend Cindy Morales.

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