Lagarde: Croatia’s accession to the Eurozone shows the continued attractiveness of the single currency

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said Croatia’s joining the eurozone confirms that the euro is an attractive currency, bringing stability to member states.

Lagarde added that Croatia has worked hard to become the 20th member of the eurozone, which also means an increase in the number of policy makers on the Governing Council of the European Central Bank to 26, with the Croatian central bank governor joining.

It is worth noting that, at the beginning of the new year, Croatia adopted the single European currency and abolished border procedures for holders of European passports, two major milestones for this country since joining the European Union almost a decade ago.

The Balkan country deposited its own currency, the kuna, becoming the twentieth country in the Eurozone.

The country has also joined thearea Schengen, which allows more than 400 million people to travel without a visa between its countries, whose numbers have increased by entering in Croatia in 27 countries.

Experts say adopting the euro will help support Croatia’s economy in one moment in where inflation is rising in around the world due to the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has caused food and fuel prices to rise.

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