Lala Kent revives beef at 50 cents with this “Fofty” cup of coffee!

This time, it is not 50 Cent which reignites the quarrel! Lala Kent took advantage of social media to make fun of her arch enemy by asking her fans to make a “Fofty”!

It is safe to say that 50 will beat as hard as ever!

The beef between Lala and her fiancé, Randall Emmett, and 50 has not been touched for a few months, but it seems that the star of Vanderpump Rules wants to stir the pot!

It all started with Lala commenting on the publication of a Bravo IG account which showed a photo of a cup of coffee that said “Fofty”.

The definition of the word was: “Someone you owe a million dollars on a Monday.”

“Feel free to send me a few,” the reality star wrote under the picture, also adding a cheering emoji.

“Fofty” became a meme when her fiance Randall misspelled Fifty during an SMS exchange with the rapper last spring.

At the time, 50 people continued to drag Randall for allegedly owing him a million dollars – which he then paid, giving the impression that the bad blood between them was finally over.

But the rapper also dragged Lala into the whole thing, insulting her by saying that she was a “hoe”.

She retaliated and after a few brutal exchanges, the rapper decided to delete all his disrespectful messages about her, but it does not seem that she has forgiven him.


An insider told HollywoodLife that “50 thinks it is hilarious to troll people and that the comments he has received from fans are sufficiently enticing that he does not want to stop.” 50 understands that if he can prepare it, he should also be able to take it, but he also knows that he will come back on someone harder than anything they could throw at him. “

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