Lamar Jackson breaks Michael Vick’s record: I will love him forever

Lamar Jackson will love breaking Michael Vick’s record for a unique season.

The Ravens’ rematch and MVP champion surpassed Vick’s mark to climb the monuments from a general in a 42-21 victory over the Jets on Thursday. Vick reached 1,039 yards for the Falcons in 2006, but Jackson passed with eight minutes and 36 seconds left in the first quarter at M&T Bank Stadium.

Jackson had 86 yards on the ground, taking him to 1,103 for the year. He also threw for 212 yards and five touchdowns as the Ravens won the AFC North title.

“It’s very cool,” Jackson said to break Vick’s record. “My favorite player is growing up, he is amazing and I will love him forever and I just have to keep going.

“The records are made to break, as he said, I heard him say this, and it is my honor to do so.”

Me vs Lamar, 40 Yard Dash on natural grass but must wear roller. Who buys the PPV?

– Tom Brady (@TomBrady) December 13, 2019

Responding to Jackson’s achievement, John Brandy of the New England Patriots wrote on Twitter: “Me vs Lamar, 40 Yard Dash in the green, but he needs to wear a roller coaster.

“It is likely he will win this fight,” Jackson said of Brady’s proposal. “Rollerblades in the Grass?” Man, I’ll see what I can do, Tom’s got him a little bit, I’ve seen him. “

Ravens coach John Harbaugh emphasized not on Jackson’s record, but on Ravens’ biggest goal of winning a third Super Bowl title.

“It’s something I’m sure Lamar will look back on someday with love,” Harbaugh said. “But now there are other things to think about.”

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