Landing a rocket with a parachute. Communication sites say this "New Russian weapons" in Ukraine

On January 26, netizens posted a stunning video showing a Russian missile parachuting down to hit a Ukrainian infrastructure facility.

Eyewitnesses drew attention to a rocket flying in the sky and descending on a parachute, then they heard a strong explosion and saw a cloud of smoke rising above the explosion site.

One of the local residents said that the strike was directed against the “fourth section”, without mentioning the plant that owns the said section.

In this enigmatic rocket, Russian analyst Alexei Yevov identified a rare Russian long-range munition fired from a Tornado-S rocket launcher, recently introduced into service with parts of the Russian army.

It is noteworthy that the Tornado-S is a modern Russian missile system, which is a modernized version of the Smerch rocket launcher. Its operating range is 120 km. Therefore, it was called the Russian HIMARS. The system can fire single missiles or bursts of missiles.

One volley includes 12 missiles capable of hitting an area of ​​68 hectares.

The rocket launcher is equipped with an automatic fire control system and calculation of target coordinates.

The launcher includes a launch platform, a transport vehicle and a command vehicle.

One guided missile 7 meters long weighs about 30 kilograms.

The rocket is equipped with two continuous and space navigation systems, as well as an autopilot that allows the rocket to change its trajectory during flight.

The accuracy of hitting a target when firing one missile is one meter.

Russian engineers have upgraded Tornado-S missiles with a range of 200 kilometers.

Source: Russian newspaper

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