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Lapid: Exercise with America includes ‘threats from Iran’

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced on Wednesday during his visit to a joint exercise of his country’s military with the US military that Israel has the right to work according to its concept to defend itself.

Later, he said on his Twitter account that he had visited an Air Force-affiliated control center to inspect the conduct of the exercise with US forces, noting that the exercise is part of “a series of joint exercises with the Army American simulating different scenarios regarding emerging threats in the region, in particularly the Iranian threat”.

He also indicated that the Chief of Staff of the Army, Aviv Kochavi, and the Air Force Commander “have reviewed the various plans and discussed with the Prime Minister’s operational files, in addition to which are the threats facing Israel and the response to the Iranian threat”.

Strengthen the capabilities of the army

He also added that he saw a plan to carry out long-range activities and sorties, examining the army’s capabilities in the fields of intelligence gathering and strikes.

He stressed that “strategic cooperation with the United States and other countries enhances defense forces’ capabilities in the face of threats in the region, in especially Iran”.

Long range missile interception

Interestingly, the Israeli military had announced in earlier, on Wednesday, the conclusion of joint maneuvers with America, indicating that it had simulated different scenarios to deal with threats in the region.

He added that maneuvers with the US also included intercepting long-range missiles.

He also added that the US and Israeli air forces conducted an aerial refueling maneuver.

Interestingly, Washington and Tel Aviv have signed an agreement that would commit the United States to help Israel defend it in wartime, and the two militaries have conducted several joint air defense exercises in recent years.

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