Laporta increases the tension and the war of words with Al-Khelaifi

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: the president of club Barcelona Joan Laporta used the right of reply and defense, after being criticized directly by his counterpart in Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelaifi, in his statements to the press made in In the last hours of Sunday, and has caused widespread controversy, the Qatari businessman has moved away from his usual diplomacy in his cutting message to the three club rebels against the European Union. AND in thanks to his new position, as president of the European Clubs Association, the director of the “beIN” channels did not miss the opportunity to marginalize the idea of ​​the “Super League”, also to remember Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, the strength and the influence of the European Union, armed with world public opinion and senior officials, both at the level of local federations or governments in the five major leagues, and to frustrate the morale of the rebels, after leaking news of contracts with companies specialized in public relations, to respond to the European institution, with a global campaign to improve the image and public impression of future competition. In the first response to the outlet in Al-Khelaifi tour of the three club rebels, the Catalan president deliberately escalated tension and verbal battles with the Qatari billionaire in general, and all those who occupy one of the positions in UEFA in general, stating in an interview with the Spanish program “Esports 3 Onzi”, “Paris Saint-Germain? They have bypassed all current Financial Fair Play rules, which is why Tebas has started his campaign against PSG. “Regarding statements by Al-Khelaifi and the rest of UEFA officials about the collapse of the Super League idea, he said: “This project is still alive and the three club are still strong “, while the newspaper” Mundo Deportivo “interpreted it as a reference to the confidence of Barca, Real and Juve in their position, or at least, proof of their lack of concern for the pressures and threats of the European Union , to impose deterrent sanctions on the three club, especially after the institution was content with ineffective sanctions for those who withdrew from the coup agreement. In another context, he renewed his positive speech about his Madrid counterpart Florentino Perez, despite the criticisms he is subjected to because of this friendship, the last of which was reported on Perez’s contribution to the departure of the legend Lionel Messi, for his success in persuading Laporta to withdraw from the loan from the investment fund (CVC), which was intended to finance most of Al-Flea’s salary before his sudden departure for Paris, and in this regard he said: “Although we are the leaders of two club between them is eternal competition, but if there is a coincidence, we are together. “Paris Saint-Germain had taken advantage of the support of the French League by postponing the activation of the rules of fair play financial for the next two years, to collect a constellation of the brightest stars in the game on this planet, led by Leo Messi and yesterday’s Real Madrid opponent Sergio Ramos, as well as return flight Ashraf Hakimi, and Dutch midfielder Jorginho . Wijnaldum and Italian goalkeeper Gigi Donnarumma, while keeping Neymar by tying him to a long-term contract, refused to transfer Mbappe to Real Madrid, and that’s why Laporta claimed that the Parisian giant had broken the rules of fair. play financial.

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