Laporta raises controversy: Messi could end his career with the Barcelona shirt

BERLIN: The president of Barcelona, ​​Juan Laporta, has relaunched the conversation on the report of the club with Argentine star Lionel Messi, after talking about the possibility of Messi returning to finish his professional career with the Catalan team. And 12 months ago, Messi left Barcelona after a long career of 21 years, and moved to Paris Saint-Germain, in light of a financial crisis suffered by Barcelona that did not allow him to keep the Argentine star in his ranks. . Messi was crowned with Barcelona with all possible titles and left the team as the historic top scorer of the clubscoring 672 goals in 778 games. He is in second place on Barcelona’s list of historical scorers, after Cesar Rodriguez, and has scored 232 goals for the team. And in statements released in New York on Thursday evening, as the end of Barcelona’s US tour approaches, Laporta indicated the possibility of Messi returning to Barcelona. in a day with. Laporta said: “The Lionel era is not over, and that’s what we all want. He interrupted his career with the team due to financial problems. We owe him a moral in this sense. We hope that the end of his professional career is with the Barcelona shirt and that it will be celebrated in all stadiums. “He added:” This is just an ambition. Nothing was talked about. And I feel I share the responsibility for this. I think this (the player’s departure) was a temporary end and I think we’re going to transform that ambition in reality “. (Exhibition DBA / Statistics)

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